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Incorporation of Hong Kong Limited Company

Incorporating a limited liability company in Hong Kong is the most common practice, in which the HK company can enjoy the low tax rate in Hong Kong. The company will carry an independent accounting book and bank account in Hong Kong.

Basic requirements to register a limited company incorporation in Hong Kong:

Must be unique and not repeatable
Must not have include restricted words
Must be in Chinese or English or both
Must be in Hong Kong
Can be different from the business address
Minimum $1 issued and paid up share capital, no restriction on maximum issued and paid up capital
Minimum 1 shareholder to maximum 50 shareholders
Minimum 1 nature person director are aged 18 or above
Corporate shareholder or director is allowed, shareholder and director can be the same nature person/corporate
Shareholder and director can be with any nationality and residence
Must appoint a company secretary
Must be ordinarily residence in Hong Kong
Sole director can not be the company secretary

From 1 March 2018, a Hong Kong incorporated company must maintain Significant Controller Register and Designated Representative Register:

The company must:
keep its SCR at the company's registered office or a place in Hong Kong
identify significant controllers, including give notices and obtain required particulars of significant controllers
enter the required particulars of its significant controllers in the SCR
ensure SCR is up-to-date
always be ready to law enforcement officer for inspection
A significant controller of a company is:
a natural person
a legal entity which is a shareholder of the company
that has significant control over the company.
At lease one designated person must be assigned as a company representative to provide assistance relating to the company’s significant controllers register to a law enforcement officer.
Being a designated representative must be either
(i) a shareholder, director or an employee of the company who is a natural person resident in Hong Kong, or
(ii) a Hong Kong qualified accounting professional, a Hong Kong qualified legal professional or a Trust or Company Service Providers Licensee (“TCSP”)

New Hong Kong Limited Company Registration:

We Provide:
Company Name Search
Certificate of Incorporation
Business Registration Certificate
Articles of Association
5 pcs
10 pcs
10 pcs
Prepare first appointment of directors, shareholders, company secretaries and registered office
Certified True Copies of company incorporation documents
Accounting, audit and tax return filing consultation
Green Box with company name, Statutory Book and Share Certificate
A common seal, company signature chop and round chop
Company secretarial services

We act as first year Company Secretary for your company

Prepare company's first Significant Controllers Register and keeping services

Significant Controller Register will be kept at our office for 1 year

Designated Representative

We act as first year Designated Representative for your company

Service fee:
HK$ 2,970
HK$ 4,200
HK$ 5,200

# The price is included Government fee of Certificate of Incorporation and BR Certificate at total HK$1,970.

# 8-10 working days for company registration, depending on the approval time from Companies Registry Department.