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Tax Advisory

Tax Filing Requirement

In Hong Kong, profits arise in or derived from Hong Kong are liable for Hong Kong profits tax.

The tax return of the limited company or partnership is generally posted in April of each year and the salaries tax return is usually posted in May of each year from IRD. The deadline for submission of tax returns is 1 month.

New Tax Rate Introduce:

Starting 2018/2019, the HKSAR government introduces a favorable two-tiered profit tax rate. Under the two-tiered profits tax rates regime, the profits tax rate for the first $2 million of assessable profits will be lowered to 8.25% (half of the standard rate). Assessable profits above $2 million will continue to be subject to the rate of 16.5% for corporations.

Our team members are specialised and experienced in the Hong Kong Taxation System. We provide tax planning based on different clients’ situation in order to minimise your overall tax liability.

Our tax services include:

Act as tax representative
Prepare and file tax return and tax computation
Provide tax advisory
Calculate the estimated tax liability
Apply for tax extension
Apply for holdover of provisional tax
Apply for objection of tax assessment
Assist in handling tax queries from IRD
Assit in applying offshore income claims exemption
Conduct tax field audit and investigation
File tax refurn for employer's return of remeuneration and pensions
File tax return for profits tax of self-employed, salaries tax and property tax

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